Kiss the Ground

I set myself the task of interpreting a quote a day with brush and ink and color. There are tens of thousands (more!) of inspiring quotes and I have often thought of doing this. Over the weekend I listened to an episode on Seth Godin’s podcast, Akimbo, where he praised the discipline of regular blog writing which he said allows the writer to explore and distill ideas. The fruits of daily application are the same for art as they are for writing or for anything one wants to become proficient in. Sadly, if we look at the things we do daily, and the habits we develop from doing them regularly, often they’re not what truly bring us joy. Changing habitual behaviors is difficult and possible.

Anything we do with regularity we become.

Black & White & Write

Simple elegant black lines are utterly beautiful to me. Whether I’m writing words on a page with a fine point pen or creating words or lines with brush and ink, looking at lines unfold on a blank page is like watching singing happen, or the Word made Flesh. It’s a creative act in and of itself.