Versions 1 and 2

My friend, and excellent artist, Kathleen Volp, gave me some feedback on my extensive use of black and white, suggesting that 2 strong colors cancel each other out and suggested adding more white, even trying a monochromatic approach.

In the following pieces, untitled 1 and black & blue, her comments gave me the impetus to work into untitled 1. I loved the color and line in that piece but was never satisfied with it. Kathleen also surfaced something I hadn’t wanted to admit–I’d gotten lazy in my use of black and red.

Not sure black & blue is finished but it has more substance.

Untitled 1

untitled 1, 16″x16″ collage and paint on board (version 1)

black & blue, 16″x16″ collage and paint on board (version 2)

Fenway, Boston MA

I rarely post photos here but I’m always entranced by water reflecting sky and branches.

This is the very busy Longwood Avenue bridge. I’m guessing few look over the side of the bridge to see the beauty flowing beneath them. I’ve been one of those unaware pedestrians, but luckily, not today.

Complicated Imagery

I find collage art deeply satisfying. There’s no design in mind when I face the paper. I try to use what’s in front of me, but of course I have unconscious color and shape preferences that surface when I approach the paper/materials with the intention to set aside judgement. Then my artistic language shows up which I can use in other work, or I “get over” being embarrassed to use the female imagery that arises.

Friday Morning Art

On Fridays my artist friend, Lola Baltzell, @lolabaltzell, gets together with her artist friend, Amy Solomon, @amysolomon_studio, for an hour and a half to make art. Impromptu and spontaneous. I was recently invited and went today. It’s wonderful to be in the presence of artists- stimulating, creative and empowering. Below is one image I made today. We were at Cafe Nero in Brookline Village. So images as well and the table were we worked (those are Lo’s hands).

Still Life

I’ve had this African sculpture for a long time. Supposedly it represents a twin, so there is a missing companion. I’m a Gemini so there’s an attraction to this object plus it’s very beautiful. Occasionally, when I remember, I rub it with oil and it shines. It’s one of my power figures.

I used to think still life compositions as static, a grouping of unrelated objects. Perhaps because in school or art classes they usually were/are and so it was more a matter of Carl putting form and texture- but I find looking at objects that have meaning is more interesting to me, yet I have to admit, looking at things with interest and curiosity invests them with meaning.