Glimmers at the End of the Tunnel

Caught myself thinking in the studio and realized thoughts have been running beneath the surface of my mind as I tried to paint the last few days–even though I’d specifically discussed being aware of this with Deb (Todd Wheeler), my advisor. But today I caught myself and finally stopped the thinking and began working. Have been circling canvases, paper, paints, ink etc. all week, worrying about content, medium etc. but today…

Exploring the theme of the cross. Such a rich subject! A symbol connected to so many religions and belief systems.The first 2 in the gallery below were quick gouache sketches. Ah the freedom of ink and watercolor on paper(!!). Then, I turned my attention to re-working 2 pieces. The agnus dei cross is several years old. I worked into it with acrylic, charcoal and oil pastel and it’s still in progress, but I’m most pleased with the last piece. It was originally a clunky acrylic but I painted the lines of the four quadrants with a deep blue–the demarcated areas have a naples yellow glaze. I thinned the oils enough to give me the fluidity I’ve wanted with this medium. I’ve yearned to use oils–to get access to the luscious colors and textures.

Maybe I can really do this.

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