A Clean Studio and Louise Bourgeois

I really had to do this. That’s what I;m telling myself to feel better about spending almost the entire day organizing materials, clearing space, and buying homosote (coming tomorrow). I can’t wait to get stuff up on the walls, and tack paper and canvas to a vertical surface and work upright rather than on a horizontal drawing table.

Next up: preparing canvases. Dick Blick is having a huge back-to-school sale including their big annual canvas sale. I thought I would buy lots of pre-made canvases but after a discussion with my advisor, I realized I want more control over the surface. I like linen and muslin as supports and I have muslin from past quilt projects. Using my own fabric satisfies the desire to-re-use and re-purpose. I also have innumerable cotton handkerchiefs my mother has sent me over the years. Louise Bourgeois’s works on fabric have long inspired me. I love LB’s fabric treatments but once I decide to work with these handkerchiefs I will probably use them as a base for stitching, ripping and painting.

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