These pieces were part of a larger piece that I tore up. I come back to them again and again as if they have something to tell me— about line, color, mark making. For me they work together and separately. They seem like maps of the sea or the heavens- the black lines and blotches are evocative and for a change I didn’t use so much red but more blue and yellow.

As I cast about for a direction, I find myself looking at older work, esp sketchbooks, with a fresh eye. At times it’s confusing to read about artists I admire as I search for an authentic voice.


2 thoughts on “Reviewing

  1. I love getting your blog! Seeing things in a series is such a deeper experience.

    Mara Sanadi Wagner, Psy.D. Cert. Psya. Professor, Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis Visiting Professor, Massachusetts College of Art and Design


    • Thank you! I had a good visit with my mentor- we talked about pushing ideas with paint and working on white canvas. I’m restless- my work has plateaued but I (think 🙂 I see a way forward. At the MOMA- read about Motherwell and collage and painting- all good!


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