Work Going Forward

I made these drawings the week before I met my mentor, Tomer Aluf, last week in Brooklyn. They were the ones that caught his attention.

The following are the main points that came out of the discussion/review of my work:

  • work on white canvas/paper for a while as my main practice
  • work with paint, either oil or acrylic
  • I don’t have to abandon making collages, drawings etc. but for a while focus on working on a white ground

At Tomer’s suggestion I’m reading about Eva Hessa and looking at her paintings. I’m also reading about Philip Guston and Susan Rothenberg for their paint handling and how it conveys the emotional content in their work. I’m looking for emotional content and meaning in my work. I’m tired of the work on old paper I was doing prior to starting this program. I’ve lost interest in working that way, but where I am now is limbo. Occasionally I feel excited but only if I’m absorbed in making/using materials. When I step back I wonder what the hell I’m really doing, making, thinking–

I believe making art is important but I need to understand why. I can’t just make when I feel like it as I did before–I’m challenged me to make even when I don’t know why–even while I doubt whether I should be making at all.

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