At Loose Ends (07.21.15)

Reading about Guston, Chagall, Hesse, Kandinsky, O’Keefe, Bourgeois and more- reading about map making, cosmology, the spiritual in art, feminist art and more- working 25 hours/week, dealing with roommate issues, aging parents and daily life. Thinking I’m the only one in my cohort who still feels adrift, unsure about “direction” and what constitutes a “body of work.” (Facebook discussions with them assure me I’m not.)

It helps to stand in front of my drawing table every day and do something. It helps to work directly with judgement and confusion to accept them and make stuff anyway. It helps to be around other artists, something I don’t do enough but am looking to do more.

The 2 pieces above were one drawing that I tore in half a while ago. I took them out recently and hung them in my studio- they remind me of Redon- they nudge me- maybe they’ll inspire me- maybe I’ll just contemplate them.

This unfinished piece is (maybe) the beginning of working with maps. I have an idea about landscape and drought (I have a huge book of old CA maps) and the resources underground- maps enthrall me- many early maps, esp maps of the cosmos and the heavens, try to convey complex ideas and concepts while also  trying to show the passage of time, or unfolding events.

The small collages below were made a few weeks ago- part of my collage practice looking at forms, balance and color- these come from an unconscious place. Not sure I want to “know” that much about them.


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