Rediscovering Surrealism and Dada (07.10.15)

In Fiona Bradley’s, Movements in Modern Art: Surrealism, I rediscovered my Surrealist and Dada roots. I was fully immersed in reading about these movements in my 20’s, especially Dadaism–Kurt Schwitters and Hannah Höch inspired me to work in collage.

A surprising result of this MFA program is the excitement and liberation in finding my artistic lineage and tracing my connections to various movements and artists. Work methods I thought I’d “fallen into” are similar to, in some cases exactly like, methods used by André Masson and other surrealists.

In the 1950’2 Masson was drawn to Asian art and Zen Buddhism and became “fascinated by the play between spontaneity and control in Asian art.” These influences appeared in works like Nu vert and Message de mai, and show yet anther connection through shared spiritual interests (vipassana meditation) and art practice.


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