Getting Out of the Sketchbook (07.07.15)

I visited my parents in Bellefonte PA the last few days so behind in posts, but before leaving I made this image…

fighting monsters -collage and paint on paper mounted on board, 10x15",

fighting monsters -collage and paint on paper mounted on board, 10×15″,

Finally getting into the “flow of yes-ness” the place my advisor, Deb Todd Wheeler encouraged me to go.

One goal this semester is to continue experimenting and drawing daily in my sketchbooks (usually old books and ledgers), but another goal is to get work out of my sketchbooks, so, à la Tim Rollins and KOS, I mounted 2 spreads from an old ledger onto cardboard, then, using a work practice in the Dada tradition (will elaborate in later posts), randomly pasted two pieces of paper (the monster “heads”) and worked into them with ink, gouache and collage elements. Working this way also mimics the sketchbook environment so conductive to my creative process.

My actions weren’t totally random. I had an idea I would draw these monsters (images I began drawing when the US invaded Iraq), but this was a first attempt to transfer work out of the books and the result feels successful. So much fear and hesitation bound up in even trying this but I did it. It’s freed me to begin using the sketchbooks differently as well. More on that, and on discovering my links to Dada and Surrealism, in upcoming posts.



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