Breakthrough! (07.14.15)

Apologies for so many posts–catching up with the backlog. And I’m very excited about this breakthrough.

Working with a process suggested by my advisor, I took an image from my Macaulay Sketchbook (I name sketchbooks based on the the name of the book I’m drawing in. If it’s ledger, then the date it was created.) and developed images/words from that starting point. The initial image had no particular meaning, I was simply attracted to it. Images are set up in the order they were created. The last 2 images are monoprints that are (finally) outside the sketchbook.

Script above No 52-53: two mouths yawning in opposite directions

Calligraphy for No.58-59: a tableau a table a hungry mountain spewing spewing like a volcano but not a volcano just a table and a hungry mountain

Script for 2 anvils: a table a tableau ghost of a table a mountain an anvil a place of beating into submission the fruits of the earth

I’m excited by this process that offers a direction and way of working.

1 thought on “Breakthrough! (07.14.15)

  1. Wow, I love these! I thought of them again as I listened to the news about the deal with Iran this morning. All our monster mouths turned to progressive talk. Are we a step closer to beating our swords into plowshares?


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