Day 2 Crit Session.062015

Faculty: Laurel Sparks

My questions: how to narrow scope? should I move toward fluid line work or works on board?

She was attracted to:

  • Mary On the Cross
  • Pink Tabernacle
  • Enchanted Snow Tree
  • line drawings
  • daily sketch books

Suggestions for work directions:

  • play with size
  • raw canvas
  • cardboard, thin board
  • pliable surfaces

Source material:

  • Judy Chicago dinner plates for patterns
  • flattened boxes-box typical and atypical box sizes/shapes
  • Miro
  • Arthur Dove
  • early Marsden Heartly
  • Loiuse Bourgeois-works on paper/fabric
  • Philip Guston
  • Carroll Dunham
  • Lui Shtini
  • Chuck Webster
  • Forrest Bess
  • Chagall

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