Post Residency Thoughts (06.29.15)

I anticipated the need to catch up on sleep post-residency but I didn’t anticipate the difficulty of returning to art making. I’m trying to continue daily sketchbook work but that’s also difficult. There’s a fear of working, a confusion about direction and materials, even subject matter.

I’m synthesizing crit feedback and very glad I recorded 90% of them. I’m hearing/remembering comments/inspiration I’d forgotten-and noticing threads of connection. Kiera Reese, an MFA grad student, reminded me to pick and choose my way through crit comments–that even when various people see things in my work I don’t intend, it can be an opportunity to develop counter-arguments.

A student-led residency workshop addressing possible post-residency issues might be valuable to future Group 1 students.

Day 2 Crit Session.062015

Faculty: Laurel Sparks

My questions: how to narrow scope? should I move toward fluid line work or works on board?

She was attracted to:

  • Mary On the Cross
  • Pink Tabernacle
  • Enchanted Snow Tree
  • line drawings
  • daily sketch books

Suggestions for work directions:

  • play with size
  • raw canvas
  • cardboard, thin board
  • pliable surfaces

Source material:

  • Judy Chicago dinner plates for patterns
  • flattened boxes-box typical and atypical box sizes/shapes
  • Miro
  • Arthur Dove
  • early Marsden Heartly
  • Loiuse Bourgeois-works on paper/fabric
  • Philip Guston
  • Carroll Dunham
  • Lui Shtini
  • Chuck Webster
  • Forrest Bess
  • Chagall

Day 2 Lesley MFA residency.summer 062015

After a full day of first crits, first Critical Theory class and a Alum Art reception at the end of the day, I actually had energy when I got home @10:15pm to make images.